Help for Ukraine

As a family business for families we watch in shock seeing what is happening to families in Ukraine. We are sure that you, like us want to help but don’t know the best way.

We have looked into how we can best help as things are already happening in different areas in different ways.

This is what we have come up with:

Cash donations

If anyone wishes and is able to donate cash we can recommend the following just giving link set up by our friends at The Hub in Northampton.

Owned and run by a husband and wife team Valentina is Ukrainian and has contacts there and in Poland. They are doing amazing work getting supplies into the country and families out and have already raised over £60,000 with all money being spent on supplies in Poland.

Buses are filled with supplies and taken across the border to where they’re needed, the empty buses are then filled with refugees fleeing the conflict and brought to safety in Poland.

What an amazing operation! See more and donate here.

Find out more link

Just giving link

Goods collection points

We are currently looking to work with local groups who are collecting specific items. If anyone knows of other groups collecting different items we are happy to be put in touch and for our centres to be used as a collection point. We will keep in touch with what is needed as we know you will want to help.

Don’t worry if you can’t donate a lot every little helps as we stand with the Ukrainian people.

Contact us through your local facebook page.